• Young Adult Library Services, "Gaming For Tech-Savvy Teens", Page 34
    • "Gorman collaborated with game designer Alan Watts to develop an innovative program in which teens took an active role in the creation of two video games."
  • New York Times : November 13, 2002 "Hot Technology": featured Logitech IO 3D rendering.
    • Logitech IO image
  • SXSW Tech Report, "Talking Pixels with Alan Watts and Clay Ferguson", June 28, 2002
  • Austin Chronicle, "Geeks of Iron: Webmasters show their stuff", March 8, 2002
    • "Honor and bragging rights were at stake. There were two teams, celebrity judges, and 10 computers. But most important of all, there was beer."
  • Austin Chronicle, "Short Cuts", May 31, 2002
    • "Alan Watts update No. 307:'s creative overlord Alan Watts has come up with an innovative way to get kids interested in his lo-res brand of Internet and filmmaking coolness."
  • Austin Chronicle, "Win, Lose, or Draw 16 Color's Alan Watts Is Helping People Create or Procrastinate", August 18, 2000
    • "What Watts' site offers, I found, is an incredibly user-friendly template for people interested in making short (15 seconds), Web-based animations. His press release says it best: "Alan Watts dreams of ways to help people procrastinate." You don't know the half of it."
  • KVUE-TV, "Click Here", August 2, 2000
    • "It's probably third, or second, funnest thing."
  • Adobe Magazine, "Hip 2 B Square", October 2, 2000
    • "Perhaps the most pixelated place online is 16 Color Cinema, an increasingly popular destination for lovers of lower resolutions."
  • The Japan Times, "Get Shorty", March 29, 2000
    • "It’s simple, ephemeral stuff, never coming to a theater near you, but that doesn’t make it any less significant. Many are entertaining cinematic haiku."
  • Austin American-Statesman, "Watch your back! Lawyers might be drawn to your site", by Gregory Kallenberg, April 15, 1999
    • "Watts is an Internet gadfly extraordinaire, a Web designer with a knack for developing projects that seem to attract lawsuits"
  • Baltimore City Paper / Kansas City Pitch / Now Toronto, "Big biz rubs out Web-A-Sketch", by Joab Jackson, April 21, 1999
    • "And 'this time,' he exults, 'they can't sue me!'"
  • Computerworld,, December 16, 1996
    • "Thought it was hard to draw with an Etch-a-Sketch? It's even hard to do on the World Wide Web, where Web-a-Sketch resides."
  • Wired 4.09, Net Surf, September 1996
    • "Web-a-Sketch's elegant design lets you submit your sketches to weekly and monthly contests in the Gallery. You can view past Galleries week by week - some of the submissions are not to be believed. Hats off to the genius behind this site"

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